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Introduction: Scope of Photography both – a form of art to enrich ones inner self as medium of self expression as well as means of livelihood as a successful commercial photographer.

Photography genres opportunities in each of the field.

Cameras and formats-transition from film to sensor. Digital aspects of Sensor, Pixel, RGB Color concept, CMYK Color concept.

Megapixel fundamental with pixel demand for various Hard and Soft Media.

Camera Operations: Metering types, Manual & Autofocus Types, Focus Points.

Understanding Exposure: Manual & Auto Modes.

Manual Exposure: Understanding gray value of Mid tone, Highlights, Lowlights.

Exposure Triangle: Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO –(detail) with correct combination as per need.

File Format : TIFF, JPG, Camera RAW etc –8bit and 16bit Color system.

File handling and Post Processing from RAW.

Finishing via usage of Software like Photoshop, Lightroom–Tethered shooting by capture one with presets.

Usage of the above mentioned Software & Digital Post Process.

Elements of composition: Unity, Harmony, Pattern, Texture, Rhythm, Leading Lines, Centre of Attraction Rule of Third, Mood.

Story of a photograph and connecting to target audience.

Commercial Shooting Skill

Shooting Outdoors & Indoor Studio.

Understanding Studio Lights and Modifiers.

Usage of Handheld Meters for Ambient & Studio Lights.

Outdoor & Indoor Light Evaluation.

Portrait Lighting, One Light, Two Light, Three Light set up.

Rembrandt, Loop ,45 Degree, Rim, Broad and Short Light setup.

Main and Fill Lights.

Simple & Complex Portrait Lighting, Human Lighting, Fashion Lighting and Portfolio Shooting.

Table Top Lighting – Rim with Simple & Complex Lighting with Different structures.

1) Creating Table Top sequences with proper props and elements from Food to FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods).

2) High-end Food Photography, Lifestyle Product Photography, Splash Photography.

3) E-commerce Photography.

4) Interior Lighting and Photo Shoots.

5) On Location Human Photography both Interior & Outdoor with usage of lights in normal and high speed shutter sync.

Topics 1 to 5 extensive practice hours.

Wedding Photography Lighting & Mood simulated in studio.

Industrial Photography – covering a Plant/Factory and Office headshots.

Management and Commercials:

Setting up own studio :  Entrepreneurship skills.

Economics of the business as a self employed photographer.

Marketing your own self, pricing of a shoot and brand building.

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