The photography institute for aspiring professional photographers offering courses in commercial advertising photography based in Kolkata... Enquiry: +91 9831010292, +91 8017504027


Our infrastructure consists of most modern learning tools and gadgets, from best camera and lenses to up to date lighting system with attachments required for modern professional photography. With a large enough classroom cum studio to accommodate students we make sure that every student is able to have hands on learning experience with camera, computers and lights. Our software class is conducted with faculties making each and every student understand on the projection system the usage of latest photo finishing and retouching software. We also conduct the practical shooting sessions with students doing the lighting and set arrangements themselves and capturing the image live in computer via camera which adds to quick learning and rapid rectification. This tethered shooting is must in modern day photographic learning. Last but not the least small batch strength leads to individual care and guidance to become a successful professional photographer.

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